The three main problem areas associated with the powder coating of hot dip galvanized steel products are: Pin holing of the coating Clean the surface. If wet with rain or dew, it will rapidly oxidise and again cause coating adhesion and quality problems. Powder coating galvanized steel for architectural applications is covered at present by EN 13438. Powder coating, while taking longer to apply, has more flexibility in finish and color. © 2021 Best used for pre-galvanized products, Pre-heat work prior to powder application, Use ‘degassing’ grade polyester powder only. This process can be difficult to perform properly if quality control procedures are not in place, and can result in uneven coating and … Incomplete curing of the polyester resin. Many architectural projects done with this process in 1988 remain in excellent conditions today. The practice is commonly called “duplex coating”. I am a steel fabricator and I have a problem with a lot of galvanised steel bars and plates (from 3/4" to 1" thick). Adjust pre-heat and line speed to ensure full cure. Like galvanized material, short-circuiting transfer with C-25 is the most commonly used welding method. Cleaning functions most importantly in maximizing powder coating results, Attending 124th CANTON FAIR from Oct 15-20, Four Basic Pieces of Equipment for Electrostatic Spray Systems, Methods of Applying Powder – ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING, A summary of the key properties of each generic type of thermosetting powder coating, Typical examples of thermoplastic powder coatings, Repair of parts and hanger stripping in powder coating. All surfaces must be clean and free from grease. Excessively thick coatings generate high stresses at the interface of the steel and galvanized coating which causes the zinc to become flaky and separate from the steel surface. There are four main problem areas that are common with powder coating on galvanised steel. All Rights Reserved. Powder Coaters Corner | How to Powder Coat, Powder Coating Equipment Replacement Parts, Hot dip galvanize and do not water or chromate quench, Remove all drainage spikes and surface defects, Powdercoat within 12 hours of galvanizing. The finished metal powder coating protects both the steel part and the galvanized layer, and provides an attractive exterior finish to the part. We are having a big problem with powder coating on galvanized steel sheets. These problem areas are likely to arise if preparation that was discussed previously is not completed efficiently. Do not leave outside, Keep the surface clean. Advantages of Powder Coating Galvanized (zinc-coated)sub­ strates. If a metal or material can’t hold an electrostatic charge, the powder won’t be able to affix itself to the surface, and it won’t be able to be powder coated. Outgassing can occur when Ii powder coating is applied to a zinc-coatedsubstrate, galvanized steel, for example. Use zinc phosphate pretreatment if highest adhesion is required. Both provide protective finishes to metal components, but the powder coating is easier to scratch, dent, or crack under forceful impacts with sharp or jagged objects. Zinc phosphate has no detergent action and will not remove oil or soil. Systems, Supplies, and Equipment for Today's Powder Coaters. Warm to Touch has been developed to comply with UK Building Regulations which state that handrails need to be ‘slip-resistant and not cold to the touch.’ An even layer of polyester powder coating is applied to the recently galvanized steel and cured in a stove at 180° C. Powder coatings must be applied within 12 hours of the galvanizing process. In the present work, polyester-based two coating systems have been investigated and t… What are the Problems with Powder Coating over Galvanizing? Powder Coating Common Finishing Flaws & Simple Fixes – Echo Supply, Phosphate-Free Metal Pretreatment: ZIRCONIUM Pretreatment Systems. Any damage or defects to the galvanised steel should be removed or rectified before the powder coating is applied, which should be done within 12 hours of galvanisation for best results. Pinholing: Pinholing is caused by the formation of small gas bubbles in the polyester coating during the stoving/curing cycle. Hot dip galvanizing is coating of metallic zinc bonded with steel to form a source of corrosion protection for steel. Powder Coating Week 2021 – New Dates: April 27-30 – Register Today! Other application methods also exist. How Can You Shave up to 30% off Shipping Materials & Improve Protection? These bubbles form small craters on … The powder coating industry in China is in urgent need of legislation. The main reason for pin holing appears to be that the discrete polyester resin particles in contact with the galvanized steel surface do not fuse at the same time as those on the surface of the polyester powder film, because of the mass of the galvanized steel * 1 , and the time taken for it to come up to fusion temperature. The second step in producing powder coated galvanized steel is the application of the powder coat to the galvanized part. This ensures that the zinc surface is in a highly reactive state to accept the pretreatment applied in the powder coating process. We select with high precaution our steel to … The pretreatment line was originally used for aluminum pretreatment. Much of the information in this article is based on the requirements of ASTM D6386, Preparation of Zinc (Hot-Dipped Galvanized) Coated Iron and Steel Product and Hardware Surfaces for Painting and D7803 Preparation of Zinc (Hot-Dipped Galvanized) Coated Iron and Steel Product and Hardware Surfaces for Painting for Powder Coating. Poor adhesion: The final stage in the hot dip galvanizing process involves water quenching of the work, frequently in a weak sodium dichromate solution. It is the escape of these trapped gasses that can cause outgassing problems when curing galvanized steel parts that have been powder coated. Industrial Galvanizers commenced research in this area in 1986 which culminated in the construction of a purpose built powder coating plant at its Hexham (NSW) site in 1988 in conjunction with its galvanizing operations there. Polyester powder coating over hot dip galvanized steel provides a high grade architectural finish to steel items with excellent atmospheric weathering characteristics.The powder coated product ensures maximum durability for steel components, which will generally provide 50 year+ rust free life spans in most architectural applications.

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